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A little about Ms. Sheridan...

I am very excited to be teaching fourth grade for the fifth year! I have degrees in Elementary Education and Exceptional Student Education from Flagler College -Tallahassee. I have a Brittany Spaniel named Paisley and a boxer-lab mix named Fenway (go Red Sox!) whom I absolutely love. Throughout the year you will hear stories all about Paisley and Fenny's wacky, crazy life. I love teaching fourth grade and seeing students grow as learners!

Behavior System

Below you can find an example of the clip chart we use in our room for behavior. Each child can move up or down throughout the day. Ending on "Ready for Kn"owl"edge" or higher represents a positive day and no points lost. Below this, means that the student must think about ways to improve his/her behavior and he/she loses points for citizenship. Each afternoon this is recorded in each child's planner which is to be signed every evening. 

Classroom Rules:

Amber Hyder Locker
7/20/15 8:03 PM
11/3/15 7:57 PM

Amber Hyder

Fabulous Fourth Graders!



**** If sending any work through Google Docs, please send through account. I should be able to open the google assignments if sent through this email ****




Remember to read every night for at least 20 minutes! You never know where a good book might take you! 


What are we currently studying in math?


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Homework Corner

Reading: Each night students are expected to read at least 20 minutes (this can be with a parent, sibling, friend, or independently). There will be a weekly reading activity that is related to the week's reading skill. Reading is due with spelling and vocabulary.

Spelling: Complete the weekly spelling activities by Tuesday (you can find the menu and swirl template in the spelling folder under the locker tab). If you lost your list, please click the spelling folder and download this week's attached spelling list, if it has been uploaded. If it is not uploaded, please copy the words from another student in class. Spelling tests are posted on the calendar. 

Math: GoMath page related to current math concepts

Check your child's planner for additional homework assignments.


Online Resources!

Math Links:

GoMath-Think Central Forget your math homework? Need extra practice? Homework help? Click the GoMath link!

Tenmarks Practice Florida's Math Standards at home! 

Math Games:

ABCya! Multiplication/Division Practice

4th Grade Math Games 

Typing Practice:

Dance Mat Typing  

Fun To Type

Typing Club

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