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Sherdina Baker

Special Area Schedule


1:00 - 1:40

Monday:  P.E. 

Tuesday:  Computer Lab

Wednesday:  P.E.

Thursday:  Music

Friday:  Art


Remember to wear tennis shoes for P.E. and Recess.

"All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them."



Unit 2 Spelling Words

Week 1           Week 2          Week3            Week 4          Week 5

joint                 rattlers           jogging            you've           dentist

foul                  fangs             dripping           she'd             jogger

coil                  countries        skimmed         that's             fifteen

hoist                liberties          accepted         what's           flatter

stout                potatoes        amusing          doesn't          submit

dawdle            rodeos            easing             there's          mustang            

mouthful          taxes              regretted         you're            absent       

counter            reptiles           forbidding       wasn't           hollow

brought            surroundings  referred          we'll              empire

bawl                 beliefs            injured            we've           blizzard

fountain            difficulties      deserved        we're            culture

sprawls             abilities         applied            couldn't        goggles

douse               lashes           relied               I've              summon

clause              identities        renewing         didn't           excite

sprouts             losses           complicated     they're         kennel

cautious           possibilities   qualified           shouldn't      valley

turmoil              notches         threatening      wouldn't       fragment       

scrawny            zeroes          gnarled             he'd             gallop

foundation         eddies          envied              don't            vulture

turquoise                                fascinated        isn't              pigment


Challenge         Challenge    Challenge        Challenge     Challenge

buoyant             mangoes     adoring             won't            clammy         

renown              sinews         diaries              aren't            hammock          


Review             Review         Review            Review          Review

year                  brought         difficulties       dripping          won't      

thirst                 counter         notches           applied           shouldn't

squirm              coil                rodeos            diaries            we'r

Ms. Sherdina Baker

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