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Tina Gresham Locker
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Hello, I'm Ms. Gresham!

My name is Ms. Gresham and I have been teaching music at Scenic Heights for over 10 years now!  Time flies when you are having fun!     I like to play the oboe and sing.   I also enjoy gardening, reading, traveling, hiking and biking.   I have two grown daughters, Kelcey and Leighton, and a cat named Nora.  (I just call her Kitty, though.)

Little known fact about me:  I once played on the same stage as Ray Charles!  (If you don't know who he is, look him up!)


Tina Gresham

What is a typical music class like at Scenic Heights?


On any given day during music class you may find us playing Orff instruments, drums, triangles, recorders and many more instruments.   We sing every time we meet!   Some days we may be doing a folk dance or learning about a famous composer like Beethoven or Mozart.    We may even listen to some jazz or pop!    There are so many fun things to do in music class that it is difficult to pack them all into two 35 minutes classes each week!



Leonard Bernstein  born August 25, 1918, died October 14, 1990


Claude Debussy born August 22, 1862, died March 25, 1918


Robert E. Jager - born August 25, 1939 (Dr. Jager was one of my music theory teachers in college!)


Charlie Parker - born August 29, 1920


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