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I am Dana Milton and I am a kindergarten teacher here at Scenic Heights Elementary. I graduated from the University of West Florida. I began teaching fourth and fifth grade. I then became part of the Scenic Heights Family and began teaching kindergarten. This will be my fifteenth year teaching kindergarten here at Scenic Heights Elementary. I am excited to have the opportunity to work with you and your child this year! I love the enthusiasm and excitement the children bring to every activity and getting the opportunity to see the world through their eyes. It is my mission to build on your child's strengths while instilling a love for learning. My classroom is a nurturing environment in which your child will feel successful and proud!. My goal is to help your child grow physically, socially, and academically every day. I am looking forward to a year of fun, exploration, and lots of learning! 


Please click on "Getting Ready for Kindergarten Parent Packet" below

Sight Words

Study those sight words!
~Mix them up
~Find them in a story
~Practice writing them
~Make a sentence out of them
~Use them on flashcards


*First Nine Weeks begins (8-13)

I   can   the   we   see   a   like  

one   two   three   four   five   


*Second Nine Weeks 

to  and  go  you  do  my  are  

red  yellow  blue  green  orange  purple  black  white  brown  pink  gray  

six  seven  eight  nine  ten


*Third nine weeks 

he   with    is    little    she    was   for    have    they     of    said    want   here    me   this   what

eleven  twelve  thirteen   fourteen   fifteen   

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School Spirit Day


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Dana Milton

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Ms. Milton's Classroom News


Important Information And Dates To Remember

2018 -2019

Our classroom weekly newsletter will go home every Monday in your child's orange take home folder.

Please read it!  


Sept. 5th                  Homework Folders Go Home (due every Friday)


Sept. 5th                  Coupon Book orders are due


Sept 6th                    OPEN HOUSE (K-2) 6:30-7:00

                                   PTA meeting from 6:00-6:30


Sept. 7th                   Grandparents Day (8:30 in the cafeteria) 


Sept. 10                      Progress Reports  Go Home







*Things Your Child Should Know on Day 1:

*Take care of bodily functions including using the restroom independently and blowing/wiping nose independently.

*Fasten clothes independently, including pants and shoes.

*Washing hands independently

*Know his/her first and last name

*Rules/Manners/Ready to Learn




*Things your child should be working on Daily:


*Color neatly and inside the lines

*How to write his/her first name with an uppercase letter at the beginning and the rest lowercase letters.

*How to properly hold a pencil and how to properly use scissors.

*Recognizing all uppercase letters, lowercase letters,  letter sounds. 

*Primary Colors -(red, yellow, blue. green, orange, purple, brown, white, pink, black)

Counting and recognizing numbers  (0-5)

*Basic shapes, 2-dimensional shapes) 

*First nine weeks sight words



2018 -Extra Items needed for our classroom


Clorox Wipes

Mr Clean Erase sponge

Lysol spray

Paper Towels

Play Doh

Bingo ink dabbers (all colors)

Safety pins

Laminating sheets 

Colored copy  paper



 Crayola crayons (24 count)- 5 packs             Fiskars scissors (blunt tip)- 1 pair

 Elmer’s glue– 10 sticks                                 Plastic duotang folders with pockets– 2 solid color

 School box (plastic)- 1                                  Spiral notebooks (wide ruled)– 3

 Expo dry erase markers– 4 (skinny or fat)   Copy paper– 1 ream &  1 pack assorted colors

 Pink Pearl erasers– 2                                   #2 yellow wooden pencils (sharpened)- 24



Facial tissue                                                 Hand sanitizer

Colored markers                                          Antibacterial wipes

Ziplock bags (quart or gallon)                      Colored pencils

Laminate  Plastic sleeves                            Big box of Goldfish

Paper Towels                                               Lysol Spray / Mr Clean Magic erase pads

Current Assignments


>Practice Saying First and Last Name Out Loud 

> Practice Writing First Name Correctly

> Practice holding a pencil correctly 

>Practice holding and using scissors correctly

>Practice recognizing letters and sounds  (Aa-Zz) -daily

> Review 1st nine weeks (flashcards)- daily


Weekly Homework Floder

Weekly Homework will begin in September 


*It will go home on Monday and is due each Friday.

*Math homework for ch.1 will be inside homework folder also

*Every Night Read 15 Minutes with your child.

*Review Sight words

1404531265718.png w235.jpg

Mon. -   Music         

Tues.-  PE 

Wed.- PE

Thurs.-  Library

Fri.  - Art

Please pack a HEALTHY snack daily! 

*Please make sure your child's know the difference between there snack and there lunch

 (label there snack or place snack in a separate bag)                                                                                                              



*Please make sure your child knows how to tie his/her shoes.


Scholastic Book Club Website

Scholastic Book Clubs offer high quality, low cost books available for purchase online or through Scholastic Book Clubs flyers.  

As an added bonus, your orders help me towards the purchase of additional books for our classroom library.

​When your child's order arrives,  I will place items in his/her backpack to bring home.