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Sharon Colburn

OR feel free to message me on ClassDojo!  It is the easiest way for us to keep in touch.

Please pack a HEALTHY snack daily! 

*Please make sure your child's know the difference between there snack and there lunch

 (label there snack or place snack in a separate bag)




Wear your favorite 

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Sharon Colburn


Sight Words!  Sight Words!!  

Each 9 weeks we will introduce a new set of sight words that your child needs to master.  There will be 72 words introduced by the end of the year, so please make sure to use the links on left side of page to practice and stay ahead!


~Mix them up
~Find them in a story
~Practice writing them
~Make a sentence out of them
~Use them on flashcards


First Nine Weeks

I   can   the   we   see   a   like  zero

one   two   three   four   five


Second Nine Weeks 

 to  and  go  you  do  my  are  red  yellow  blue  

green  orange  purple  black  white  brown  pink  

gray  six  seven  eight  nine  ten


Third Nine Weeks

he  with  is  little  she  was  for  have  they  of  said  want

here  me  eleven  twelve  thirteen  fourteen  fifteen 


Fourth Nine Weeks

this  what  help  too  play  has  where  look  who  good  come  

does  sixteen  seventeen  eighteen  nineteen  twenty


We had so much fun at the farm!


Mrs. Colburn's Family

IMG 0391.jpg

1404531265718.png w235.jpg

Mon.  Art - Hicks

Tues.  Music - Gresham

Wed.  PE - Leach

Thurs.  Music - Campbell


Fri.  PE - Leach


How can I help my child?

*practice writing first and last name correctly (first letter capital and the rest lowercase).

*practice coloring (staying inside of the lines).

*practice recognizing and knowing the sounds of the alphabet Aa-Zz.

*Practice sight words often.

*Practice writing a complete sentence using capitalization, spacing, punctuation and details.

*Practice recognizing and writing numbers 0-20.

*Practice counting orally  (1-100).

*Become familiar with using a computer with a mouse.

*Complete homework and turn in homework folder every Friday. 

*Practice adding and subtracting.